Contemporary Art Station – Interview with Patrick Joosten


Contemporary Art Station – Interview with Patrick Joosten

1. What’s your background?
I do not follow any art school or any artistic movement. From inspiration, I paint, draw for the pleasure of creation, hope to share moments of emotions with those who appreciate modern arts.

2. What does your work aim to say?
Inspiration mainly comes from spectacle of nature, beauty of landscape, cities or seaside. I try to catch the light, colors and emotion of the beautiful spectacle in nature and translate it with energy into an abstract art.

3. How does your work comment on current social or political issues?
My work is mainly inspired by the beautiful spectacle of nature, no link with political or social issues.

4. Who are your biggest influences?
I have been Influenced by artists such as: Picasso, Klimt, Egon Schiele, Basquiat, Richter, Rothko, Modigliani, Van Gogh; I’ve learnt much from their styles.

5. How has your art evolved over the years?
Currently, I’m working on some new Technics in order to enrich my possibilities to bring more intensity and emotions into my painting. It is also my permanent and constant goal.

6. What does art mean to you?
Art in all its forms has always been a main focus for me. I live for the Arts.

7. What’s the most valuable piece of art to you?
The artistic work that has the most value in my eyes is the one that brings the most pleasure to be contemplated by a large audience.

8. What’s next for you in the future?
Always difficult to answer this question, I hope a solid continuity in my work with the hope of numerous exhibitions to the public and a wider recognition and appreciation by art lovers and collectors.