Cover Contest - Art Ideal Magazine

Index Announcement

With over 450 participating artists in our magazine contest, who submitted artwork in a variety of discipline, media and style, selecting only a small portion of the images was not a simple task. We announce the artists and artworks selected for publication in Issue 1 of Art IDEAL Magazine.


Artists selected for publication

Abbey Stace ∙ Amnon David Ar ∙ Amy Ouderkirk ∙ Annamarie Dzendrowskyj ∙ Ashley Anderson ∙ Bela Gupta ∙ Blanxs ∙ Brenda Hartill ∙ Brigitte Kratochwill ∙ Celia Carl Anderson ∙ Chris Klein ∙ Cis Bakker ∙ Daiva Gauryte-Martin ∙ David Burch ∙ David Sandell ∙ Donglai Meng ∙ Emmanuelle Vroelant ∙ Evren Sungur ∙ Friedrich Malina ∙ Gama ∙ Giacomo ∙ Gianfranco Pacini ∙ Glenn Marlowe ∙ Golfo ∙ Gyuhye Yeon ∙ Hagea ∙ Harry Goldstrom ∙ Jason John ∙ Jo Jayson ∙ Joe Billera ∙ Joejene C. Santos ∙ Jon B. Paulsen ∙ Kenju Urakubo ∙ Lannie Hart ∙ Latana ∙ Laura Peretti ∙ Lesley Hilling ∙ Lisa Cutler ∙ Lize Krüger ∙ Luba ∙ Manuel Morquecho ∙ Mary Di Iorio ∙ Maryse-Anne Couteau ∙ Michael D Jicha ∙ Mike Decesare ∙ Nat Cann ∙ Paul Kenens ∙ Petra Schott ∙ Raf Tarnawski ∙ Samuel Grajfoner ∙ Sarah Jil Niklas ∙ Sarah Morton Photography ∙ Shitikova Tatiana ∙ Stepan Ryabchenko ∙ Sue Daniel ∙ Sushila Oliphant ∙ Taha Clayton ∙ Thomas Patrick Heflin ∙ Tibor Simon-Mazula ∙ Tine Mynster ∙ Vivien Kabar ∙ Yana Andre


Other Awards

50 Finalist Awards

50 Honorable Mention Awards

50 Artistic Excellence Awards

All other participants have been emailed a Participation Certificate for their personal record.


Important Notes

All participating artists have been personally emailed regarding their placement in the contest.

If you participated in the contest and did not receive an email regarding the index announcement, please email us right away at


Where can I see the selected artwork?

The magazine will be published by the end of the month and that is where we will present the selected artwork.