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"Breaking the laws of traditional photography, my work expresses a creative vision in mostly abstract works. Although, I work with beauty and art on a daily basis my work shows an alternative take on beauty and aesthetics."

Horn - Photograph 80 x 80 cm 1.500€

Creativity is Christina's middle name. Her body of works consists mostly of photography yet few of them are recognizable as such. She has been an art photographer for many years, with a background in experimentation mostly on her own but also guided by experienced artists. Lately, Cristina combined her digital works with tactile materials like gold, glass or enamel and added painting and drawing to create her one-of-a-kind- intricate tableaus. Her work deals with her love for color and often exudes a hint of eroticism.

"I want to inspire people. I want others imagination to run wild. Lovers of art won’t get answers instead the pictures evoke emotions." Cristina described recently.

German photo artist, based in Stuttgart, Christina Pleyer has exhibited her work in major cities like Miami, New York, London, Basel, Berlin, Venice, Vienna Strasbourg, Rotterdam and has been represented at international art fairs and galleries in Germany. All her works are limited and signed editions.

Strolling - Photograph 120 x 80 cm 1.500€
Cold - Photograph 75 x 75 cm 1.500€
Explosion - Photograph 70 x 70 cm 1.500€
Faces - Photograph 75 x 75 cm with fame 2.000€

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