Circle Quarterly Art Review - Issue 9

Index Announcement

 With a plethora of remarkable artworks submitted in our magazine contest, in a variety of discipline, media and styles, selecting only a portion of the images was not a simple task. We announce the artists and artworks selected for publication in the 9th Issue of Circle Quarterly Art Review.

The  artists selected for publication in the 9th Issue of CIRCLE QUARTERLY ART REVIEW Magazine are:

Angela Banks ∙ Patti Barker ∙ Michelle Bond ∙ Glenys Buzza ∙ John A. Calabrese ∙ William Charuhas ∙ Bob Conge ∙ Jana Cruder ∙ Duane Ditty ∙ Georg Douglas ∙ Natalie Egger ∙ Elsa Egon ∙ Robert Ellison ∙ Miguel E ∙ George Forgie ∙ Philippe Giroux ∙ Kent Gordon ∙ Harrie Handler ∙ Ulla Hasen ∙ Hannelore Heider ∙ Ilze Helgeland ∙ Petronilla HohenwARTer ∙ Linda Hollinger ∙ Kristin Holm Dybvig ∙ Henk Holsheimer ∙ Suzanne Howe ∙ Rachel Jag ∙ Lili Jiang ∙ Pancho Jiménez ∙ David Edward Johnson ∙ Daniela Kammerer ∙ Min-Ji Kang ∙ Aleksandra Kann-Bogomilska ∙ Diane Kazakis ∙ Robin Kerr ∙ Leili Khabiri ∙ Sally K ∙ Kathleen Kilchenmann ∙ Jill Krasner ∙ Jürgen Krass ∙ Bryce August LeFort ∙ Roberta Levitow ∙ Victoria Li ∙ Wilfrie Linssen ∙ Liyuan Liu ∙ Katja Lührs ∙ Lukáš Kándl ∙ Dita Lūse ∙ Stephen Mangum ∙ Paula Mans ∙ Guy-Anne Massicotte (gama) ∙ Brian McClear ∙ Marjorie and Bob Moskowitz ∙ Leah Nietz ∙ Maj-Britt Niklasson ∙ Loretta Petraitis ∙ Carl Pinnington ∙ Sergey Piskunov ∙ Samu Raatikainen ∙ John Ralston V ∙ Marilena Ramadori ∙ Graham Rhodes ∙ George Rowbottom ∙ Thomas W Schaller ∙ Kaat Stieber ∙ Julia A. Still ∙ Eleanor Swan ∙ Dina Torrans ∙ Mathew Tudor ∙ Mila Veljac'a ∙ Fang Xin ∙ G Yeon ∙ Doncho Zahariev ∙ Milena Zdravkova ∙ Shicheng Zhao

Important Notes


I am in the list of selected artists. What do I need to do?

We have emailed you with the following steps. Find our email and send us your high-quality images + text for your page(s) in the magazine as soon as possible. There is NO other cost to this project. We must receive your print quality images as described in our email by this Tuesday, December 13, 2022.

I am not on the list of selected artists.  

We have emailed you regarding the results of this contest. 60 artists have been selected for a Finalist Award and 60 artists have been selected for an Artistic Excellence Award. Finalists can be seen on our homepage. All other participants have been issued a Participation Certificate.

I have not received an email regarding the results. 

If you have participated in this magazine contest and have not received our email it means that we don't have your correct email address. Email us asap!

Where can I see the selected artworks?

The selected artworks will all be featured in the magazine. When the magazine is published we will email you and you will be able to leaf through it page by page.

When will the magazine be published? 

 The Winter 2022 Issue of Circle Quarterly Art Review will be released in the following weeks.  All published artists will be personally emailed when the magazine has been published. You will be able to add the entire issue on your personal website and to order your print copies.

More Questions!? Please email us at