Cristina Terzian

"I admire Claude Monet and other Impressionists; the colors and the transparency of watercolor inspire me. The fresh air that it transmits and the difficulty in their technique are inspiring for me."

Between Trees - Watercolor 32,5 x 48 cm

Argentine painter, Crister was born in Buenos Aires and holds a Bachelor’s in Teaching (1983) and has a National Painting Teacher Diploma issued by the National School of Fine Arts, Prilidiano Pueyrredón, current IUNA (1988.) Crister has a BA from National General San Martin University (2008). From September 1989 to date she has worked as an Art Professor for the public education system in Buenos Aires and her career focuses especially on watercolor.

The House Of Gualeguaychu - Watercolor 33,5 x 49 cm
The Spot Of The Dragonflies - Watercolor 48 x 64,5 cm
Paisaje de Balcarce - Watercolor 30 x 30 cm
La Vue deLÓr - Watercolor 39 x 57 cm
The Inn - Watercolor 47,5 x 32 cm
The Pond - Watercolor 33,5 x 49 cm
Giverny - Watercolor 30 x 30 cm

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