Cristian Diez-Sanchez

“Culture as a means to equate inequality
A sculpture in the street, a step in culture.

The Urban Sculpture Project seeks to bring sculpture to the street, bring people closer to art, humanize cities, and create opportunities for cultural discussion in wide, rather than elitist, circles.”

Pas de deux Nº12 - Laser-cut Corten, welded with natural rust 200x160x272 cm €14.000

Born in Santiago, Chile, Cristian Diez-Sanchez spent his childhood working with copper in his family's arts and crafts business. Following this invaluable introduction into the world of sculpting, Cristian studied Architecture for five years and then moved to Barcelona in 1976. He started working as a designer to make a living. And what should have been a brief stint turned into 30 years of working as an industrial designer, graphic designer, and image consultant for various companies; he also continued with housing renovations and was in charge of developing and managing a website for tourist apartments.

In 2014, Cristian Diez-Sanchez looked back on his arts and crafts work and his fledgling sculpture work and realized it was time to bridge the gap. Studies in drawing, metal engraving, and architecture, as well as experience as an industrial and graphic designer, allowed him to begin this new life as a self-taught apprentice working in sculpture using cardboard and recycled cardboard, very inexpensive materials that allowed him to work intensively on prototypes, as the goal has always been large-scale exterior sculptures.

For nine years, Cristian has worked on several different collections, all related to the human figure and in many ways related to his personal life as well. The works deal with what has happened and is happening in the world, the constant injustice of the powerful against the weak, and the lack of possibilities for the latter to have a decent education. The phrase "One sculpture in the street, one step in culture" defines the future of his work and his aim is to use his work as a cultural tool, outside the circle of galleries and fairs.

Pause 2_I - Laser-cut Corten, welded with natural rust 200x72x72 cm €12.000
Man II_I - Cast Bronze 61x12x13 cm €8.000
Confussion 8_I - Laser-cut Corten, welded with natural rust 50x13x13 cm €3.000
Man IV_I - Cast Bronze 64x11x13 cm €8.000

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