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Art, Pandemic and Social Distancing

This year has been eventfully dramatic. With the spread of the novel Covid-19 virus around the globe, we have been experiencing not only a sweeping health crisis but we find ourselves as citizens in what seem as unprecedented economic, political and social circumstances. From the personal to the political the 2020 pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives.

Creative minds have a unique way of processing and we are interested in how artists are capturing and expressing these recent experiences which are sure to become a bold chapter in future global history books.

We invite you to submit artwork that was created during and inspired by these strange times focusing on the theme of the pandemic and social distancing.

Through this competition, 15 artists will be selected for an online group exhibition hosted on our website, within the Circle Foundation Annex. Additionally, we will hand out three artist grants as well as 50 Finalist Certificates. 


Contest Details

Participation Cost: 20€ per image entry
Deadline: October 24, 2020, at mid-night


Selection Criteria

The submitted artworks will be judged according to aesthetic, technical and creative aspects. Only images submitted in this contest will be considered for the selection of the winning artists. The final selection of the winning artists is juried by Circle Foundation's founder and creative director, Myrina Tunberg Georgiou.


Contest Entries

It may take up to 3 business days for your images to appear on our website. A thumbnail version of your images will appear on our website in order to protect your copyrights. All contest entries will remain public on our website for 2 weeks after the end of the contest.


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Award Details

1st Place Award - 500€ + Online show

2nd Place Award - 500€ + Online show

3rd Place Award - 500€ + Online show

15 artists - Online Show

50 artists - Finalist Certificate


Exhibition Details

✓ Up to 10 images of work may be selected from each competing artist.

✓ Artworks will be presented in a curated manner and for each artist, we will feature a short text as well as a direct link to their website.

✓ The show will be prefaced and will remain live on our website for 3 months.

✓ The show will have an official press release reaching our list of about 75,000 art professionals. The artists can optionally place the work for sale.

Participation Details

Please read all information on this page carefully. Prepare your images and click on the button below to submit the participation form.

Important! This is a competition and only the selected artists will exhibit in the show.


Accepted Media

Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Drawing, Mixed Media, Illustration, Collage, Printmaking, Ceramics, Book art, Glass Art, Fiber and Textile art, Performance documentation, Installation art, New media, Video Art etc.

Image Size

 The total of your submitted images must be under 25MB. Images should be about 1000 px in the large dimension.

Confirmation Email

After you successfully submit the form you will receive a confirmation message. If you did not receive a confirmation message, you have mistyped your email address. Please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you advise me which images to add to this contest? We cannot advise you which images to add to this contest as it would be unfair to other participants.

Does the work have to be available for sale? No. It is not necessary that the work is for sale or available.

Do I have to ship my work if selected? No! This is a digital project and the select artists will exhibit online.

How many images can I add to this contest? You can add up to 10 images each time you complete the form.

What payments do you accept?  PayPal or Card.

How much is Euros to Dollars?  20Euro is about$21 Please check Euro to Dollar conversion on google for the exact rate or check another currency.

Do you take a commission for artworks sold through the show?  No, we do not take commission on sold artwork.


Important Guideline

The submitted artworks do not necessarily have to directly depict the subject of the pandemic and/or social distancing.

In an artful way, the work can be about recently lived experiences referring to the pandemic/social distancing as interpreted and expressed by the artist, even if that means in a complete abstract or metaphorical manner (visually/conceptually).

In other words, it can be said that any work produced during this time (pandemic, lockdown, etc) has a reference and relevance to the experience of this peculiar and decisive historical moment.

We are interested in the way the pandemic has shaped art production and the different perspectives artists are expressing.

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