Cynthia Coldren

"My paintings are intentional contrasts, both structured and fluid. I use hand-painted paper with acrylic paints, inks and pencil on canvas and paper. My goal is to create visual tension and contrast that expresses a strong connection among disconnected things — aesthetically pleasing and meaningful."

Trees on a Thousand Hills

"My abstract paintings are a blend of deliberate shapes and spontaneous brush marks. Using the fundamental components of color, shape, texture, line, and space, my paintings are intentional contrasts and visualizes the joining of opposites — multiple colors, diverse paper fragments and linear marks come together to express a strong connection among disconnected things.

I use acrylic paint on canvas, sometimes on heavy watercolor paper, and add hand-painted paper forms to create visual complexity and interest. I frequently add geometric patterns and script-like marks, painting and smoothing each layer to create a more organic composition. My use of fine cross-hatched lines and paper fragments are hallmarks of my current work, unifying elements that counter or complement the developing painting.

By including structural lines and marks within my abstractions, I can weave the familiar with the ambiguous. I feel this “joining of opposites” speaks to the world we live in, and gives the viewer a point of connection with abstract art."

Abstract American painter Cynthia Coldren explores contemporary concepts such as order and chaos, structure and ambiguity using acrylic paints, inks, and mediums on canvas and paper. She studied Fine Art as an undergraduate student before completing her BAS in Communications and Management, supporting a corporate communications career. While her early work embraced photorealism, she transitioned to an abstract style over the years, evolving a strong textural focus.

Cynthia lives in Richardson, Texas. She has received recognition and awards in recent art exhibitions, gallery shows and juried competitions both online and in North Texas. She is a member of the Texas Artist Coalition (TAC), the Visual Arts Guild of Frisco (VAGF), the Richardson Civic Art Society (RCAS) and the International Society of Experimental Artists (ISEA).

Summers in the City
Double Musings
Cabernet Twilight

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