Cynthia Fleischmann

“My 'bodypaintography' has been an exploration of connecting humans visually into their environments, similar to how animals relate to their spaces using matching spots, stripes or colors. All models are naked to celebrate the body, and red hands are my signature, representing aspects of humanity.”

Burning Man; Ashes to Ashes; Dust to Dust NV, 2014 - Edition of 4 15 x 23 in. $1,400

Cynthia Fleischmann calls herself a 'bodypaintographer.' Her artform, 'bodypaintography', incorporates a person into their surroundings by her painting directly onto their body and photographing the resulting dialogue between the person(s) and place. Painted red palms are her signature, symbolizing humanity.

Cynthia is a Miami-based artist who grew up in Küsnacht, ZH, Switzerland and Dover, MA, USA. She earned her BA in Painting from the University of Miami in 2010 and continued with a full scholarship and Teacher's Assistant position to attain her Masters of Fine Arts in Photography. She graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2014 and has continued her career as an artist.

In October 2015, Cynthia was hit by a car while riding her motorcycle on the highway and lost her right leg above the knee. Recovery has been a process, but she is grateful to be alive and continues to do her 'bodypaintography' artwork wherever she goes (luckily she still has her hands).

Cynthia’s 'bodypaintography' photographs have been exhibited in Miami Florida at the Lowe Art Museum, The Coral Gables Museum, The Wynwood Building, GAB Studio, in Switzerland at ArtSpace (Luzern) and the Galerie Zur Stockeregg (Zurich), and at numerous art fairs including: PhotoBasel, ParisPhoto, RedDot Miami, Spectrum Miami, Art Miami, Art Palm Beach, MIA SeaFair, CaneFair, and See.Me, taking over Times Square (New York), and Art Concept with the Bold Beauty Project.

'Bodypaintography' has been featured in multiple articles including Deco Drive, Miami, ‘Meet them Mondays’ podcast, the Sonntagsblick (Switzerland, 26.6.2016), ArtBasel Miami 2015 edition of FineArt Magazine, NY, Women In The World in association with The New York Times, 2015, in The Y Life Miami, 2015, in Absolute UK, 2015, in the New York Summer edition of FineArt Magazine 2014, in Day & Night Guide 2014 Zurich & Luzern, Switzerland, Stories of U 2014 by the University of Miami, Huffington Post ArtBasel 2013 article, Best of College & High School Photography.

Bodypaintography: Rusted Container Sri Lanka, 2018 - Edition of 4 35 x 53 in. $2,400
Bodypaintography: Railroad CA, 2015 Edition of 4 23 x 35 in. $1,800
Bodypaintography: Oriental Rug MA, 2017 Edition of 4 15 x 23 in. $1,400
Bodypaintography: Window Sri Lanka, 2018 Edition of 4 23 x 35 in. $1,800

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