Cynthia Horvath Garbutt

Cynthia Horvath Garbutt is the founder of Studio Cire. She creates abstract contemporary art using ancient encaustic processes. The combination of layered oil paint, wax and heat form enduring art that is innovative and striking.

NYC Line - Encaustic 18 x 24 in. $500

Cynthia Horvath Garbutt is the founder of Studio Cire. Using a nearly living medium that interacts with light and angle, her compositions in pigment and wax form an enduring artistic presence. From small pieces to large wood cradleboards, each piece is singular.

Studio Cire is a Chicago-based art studio devoted to encaustic art. Dating back to ancient Greece, encaustic painting is a durable process that combines wax, oil paint, damar resin and heat to produce lasting works of art. The word encaustic itself means to burn in. The modern application of this ancient process results in an exceptional art form as the wax becomes both palette and master of textured, abstract forms. Given the independent nature of the heat element combined with the fluidity of liquid wax that ultimately hardens, no two pieces are the same, nor can they be duplicated. Each is an original like no other.

Studio Cire pieces are in collections both in the United States and internationally and have been sold in gallery space in the Midwest, displayed in retail space in the Gold Coast in Chicago, donated to global health nonprofits for auction, found in poetry publications, and included in The World of Interiors marketplace in 2021.

Cynthia is also a poet, photographer, wife, mother, and global health advocate. She is dedicated to the idea that creativity in any form is a restorative experience, whether it is the making of art or the appreciation of an art piece itself.

Cynthia accepts commissioned work. For further information and inquiries, please contact her at

Bird with Egg - Encaustic 18 x 24 in. $425
Cyclonic - Encaustic 18 x 24 in. $500
Blue Study II - Encaustic 24 x 36 in. $800
Intersections - Encaustic , 24 x 48 in. $1,400

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