"Often I am asked when I will finally stop to paint flowers. I answer 'Never!'."

Orchid, 2015  Oil on canvas 70 x 70 cm

Dagmar was born in Zeitz, Germany. She worked as a foreign correspondent in Istanbul where she met her husband who became the president of the Eminönü Rotary Club and together they set a goal to promote the Turkish intellectual heritage and thus organized an exhibition at Mimar Sinan University, Academy of Fine Arts. The show traveled to Frankfurt and Vienna. It was during that time that Dagmar became fascinated with fine art and enrolled in Mimar Sinan University to study Art. She has also taken courses from Turkish painters, Tanju Demirci and İrfan Önürmen. In 1996, Dagmar opened her first solo show and has since had a dozen personal shows in İstanbul, Austria, Germany, Miami, New York and Las Vegas. Dagmar received the Sandro Botticelli Prize in 2015 and Diploma of Excellence from Art Addiction. She was selected by the Florence Biennale's International Selection Committee to participate in the Edition of the International Biennale of Contemporary Art/Florence.

Lotus Cambodia, 2014 Oil on canvas 70 x 55 cm

Tulips for Ever, 2015  Oil on canvas 75 x 55 cm

Lotus, 2015 Oil on canvas 60 x 70 cm

Rhapsody in Yellow, 2014 Oil on canvas 85 x 50 cm

"Often I am asked when I will finally stop to paint flowers. I answer 'never', because flowers are a perfect creation of nature in regards to their structure, shape, and color. Everything is in perfect harmony, everything suits together. There are hundreds of flower species, but each is different from the other. Whenever I discover a new flower, I get excited. This excitement will just not end. My second reason is that all the beautiful things on our earth, i.e., plants, animals, unique landscapes, etc. are disappearing little by little due to drastic climate changes and wrong urban policies. My intention is to show these beauties at least on paintings. Unfortunately, just now so many dramatic and terrible things are happening on our planet that it is my wish to give at least some feelings of peace and harmony to the people when looking at my works."

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