Danguole Serstinskaja

"Photorealism perfectly represents my understanding of art, in that it must display the mastery of the artist."

Tortoiseshell Cat - Pastel on velour 25 x 35 cm

Award-winning Lithuanian artist, Danguole Serstinskaja focuses on hyper-realistic animal portraits.

With decades of experience in training, breeding and judging dogs as an FCI Judge, as well as keeping other animals, she draws upon her understanding of animal psychology as well as anatomy to produce art that captures and embeds the animal's emotions.

Placing animals under the same spotlight that is commonly reserved for humans, in Danguole's artworks the animal is the only subject and focus of the story. With a lifelong experience as an artist, and after producing hundreds of drawings and paintings of landscapes as well as portraits, Danguole eventually found and developed a rare technique which perfectly aligns with her artistic desire to portray animals deeply, accurately and efficiently.

This technique is applying oil on paper using a dry paintbrush. Having mastered this technique, Danguole has gained a liberating amount of control over the intensity of shading and ability to add as much detail as she desires. She works layer after layer until her artistic vision is fulfilled, and the result is art with distinct tonal gradation, hyper-realistic detail, and contrast that makes the painting hard to distinguish from a photograph.

Wren - Pastel on pastelmat 24 x 30 cm
Looking Forward To Spring - Oil on paper 42 x 30 cm
Touch - Oil on paper 50 x 70 cm
Oak Spirit - Oil on paper 46 x 64 cm

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