Daniel Grannan

“My paintings are inspired by nature/our environment. Creating paintings with strong, compositions colors and techniques that are artistically, important and inspirational is my goal.”

Transformation S5 - Oil on Panel 24 x 18 in. $975

American artist, Daniel Grannan seamlessly merges his lifelong connection with art, nature, and the environment into powerful organic compositions. Born in Arizona in 1956, Grannan's early years were marked by his family's nomadic lifestyle across the western United States, during which he seized every opportunity to draw and paint. Encouraged by unwavering familial support, he evolved into a self-taught artist, specializing in creating detailed limited-edition prints of wildlife and bronze sculptures.

The rugged and ever-changing landscape of the Southwest has consistently served as a wellspring of inspiration and challenge for Grannan's creative journey. The shapes, patterns, and textures inherent in the landscape continually stimulate new ideas and propel the completion of his oil paintings. With each stroke, Grannan's intention is to ignite inspiration and spark the imagination of the viewer.

Grannan's artwork adorns private collections and has graced numerous exhibitions and galleries across the United States. Presently, he is an esteemed member of the Oil Painters of America and the Abstract Art Collective.

Transformation LG2 - Oil on Panel 36 x 48 in. $2,250
Transformation LG12 (Alizarin Crimson) - Oil on Panel 36 x 48 in. $2,250
Transformation M6 - Oil on Panel 24 x 30 in. $1,525
Transformation LG11 (yellow) - Oil on Panel 36 x 48 in. $2,250

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