Daniela Ament

“The lines - the colors – the shapes are symbols of sensations, thoughts, senses, and feelings all these are present here - as parts of me - as parts of a riddle this is my way of conversing with myself and with the world around me. This is my way of trying to participate in the experiences.”

Fertility - Bronze, Edition of 9, 30 x 38 cm

Self-taught Isreali sculptor, Daniela Ament was born in 1945 to an art-loving family and grew up in Kibbutz Sarid. Always expressing creativity in various forms, Daniela began exhibiting in 1995 and has managed to develop her own vocabulary, a unique sculptural language which delivers her feelings and thoughts.

"The subjects of her works derive from her life experience. Driven by reflection and sensation, she chooses subjects she can easily identify with, such as women, children, and more abstract forms, which serve as vehicles for the expression of sensations and ideas."

Couple - Bronze Edition of 9, 41 x 30 cm
Desert Dweller - Bronze, Edition of 12, 30 x 23 cm
Stress - Ceramics H: 35 cm
Embrace - Bronze, Edition of 12, 26 x 20 cm

Ament’s work has been shown in 50 solo and group shows in Israel, in France (including at the Louvre Museum in Paris), in Canada, Italy and the USA. In 2009 Daniela spent a month at the Artcroft residency program in Kentucky, USA. With sculptures in permanent collections and the public domain including at Shiba Hospital, Tel Aviv and at Kibbutz Yahel. She has been featured in books Le Livre Des Artistes Israeliens by La Gazette Des Arts, Paris and  Contemporary Artists Of Today 2008-2009, Bibliotheca De Artistes De Las Comounidades Europeas, Creativ Artists: 100 Years To Tel-Aviv - Jaffa, the Berliner 17 by Art Management Berlin and Inspiration International Art Book 2017. The artist has received international recognition including the Michelangelo Prize 2016, Rome, Italy, and Prize Artists at the Castle 2016, Nerola, Italy. Today she lives and works in Kiryat-Tivon, Israel.

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