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"How can I explain to the world that when I look at the sky I am working?"

Arcana Nocte - Graphite on Arches paper with 24ct Gold Leaf 35 x 45 cm

Italian artist, Daniela Rum approached art for the first time in 2013 without professional training. A strong passion for art touched her heart urging her to start a series of courses. Daniela studied at an Illustration school “Entry Level” Ars In Fabula and did several workshops with painters, Erica Calardo and Ania Tomicka to learn other techniques.

Subsequently, she discovered the soft pastel technique which was instant love. Daniela went on to workshops with master pastel artists like Ruben Belloso Adorna, Tina Guerrisi and Vincente Romero Redondo.

"I very much like to paint with pastels because they produce brilliant colors and you can just dive right in without needing paintbrushes, solvents or a palette. All I really need to get started are some pastel sticks, a sheet of special paper, and my fingers! I love animals and nature, so they are my main inspiration for painting."

Somnium - Soft Pastel on Pastelmat paper 42 x 30 cm
Red Passion - Soft Pastel on Pastelmat paper 40 x 32 cm
Venustas - Soft Pastel on Pastelmat paper 70 x 50 cm
Katharsis - Soft Pastel on Pastelmat paper 100 x 70 cm

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