Danisa Glusevic Ferreira

"My images are a process of self-discovery, of many elements which help to create our inner world. Nature and its symbols are represented in some of my works. I take fragments of images from landscapes and use those memories, which are very important, to create my art with a new vision."

Danisa Glusevic Ferreira was born in 1965 born in Santiago de Chile and since 2017 she lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany. Danisa earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts, at the University of Chile (1996) and obtained a scholarship, from DAAD to the Hochschule der Kunst Berlin. She worked on a project integrating different materials, techniques and formats. Her artwork has been represented in different exhibitions and art fairs in Chile, Argentine, the USA, Amsterdam, Paris. 

Between 2007-13, the artist worked as a Specialty Teacher of Painting and Drawing at the Secondary Art School, Santiago Chile and between 2006-15 she was Assistant Professor for Engraving at the Art Faculty of the University of Chile in Santiago.

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