Danisa Glusevic F.

"My images are the process of self-discovery, of many elements which help to create our inner world."

Corazon Expadido Oil on canvas 80 x 100 cm

Whale Oil on canvas 70 x 90 cm

Fusion Oil on canvas 70 x 90 cm

  Born in Santiago Chile, Danisa Glusevic has a cultivated interested in visual images and first took an interest in their essence, their fragmentation, and retained memories. The unique landscapes of North and South Chile, with contrasting elements, have deeply influenced her work in terms of color, graphics, and subject. In her works “the saturation and the abstraction represent the elements of earth, sea, and the origins of the universe. The organic relationship between emotion and human pain are represented constantly in my work. I look for a connection with local primitive cultures and the beginnings of art and life. From this point on, I have developed my work as an adventure, always looking for new techniques to help me define my own integrated language.”

Extension Oil on canvas 60 x 90 cm

Ocean Movement I Oil on canvas 70 x 90 cm

Glusevic graduated from the University of Chile and continued at the Fine Arts school of Berlin with a scholarship. A gratifying experience, studying abroad helped the artist realize how she felt about the earth and about color and allowed her to deepen her reflections, looking for different languages to express her feelings. The result was a more profound and mature work.  “I believe the journey of art has no end; therefore we never finish our search and continue to learn. Life, emotion and the work itself bring new light to what we want to say. As for myself, I feel that it is my own personal journey and inner needs what makes my art different to others.” As a student, Glusevic felt the need to experiment with different techniques and materials. In her eyes, the mix and integration of different languages were the essence of art. The closeness to different techniques and materials allowed the artist to built deep relationships and think about earth and matter, sounds and vibrations, primitive art and sublime art and more. Glusevic eventually returned to painting in which she found the ideal medium to converge and express those sensibilities. 

The recipient of notable awards including the DAAD Award, Germany, Glusevic actively exhibits in group and solo shows most recently including the Affordable Art Fair in London, Power of Perception II, Artspace Gallery, New York, USA, ArteDonna, 360 Gallery, Florence, Italy, Punta Art Fair, Conrad Hotel, Punta del Este, Uruguay and Master of Imagination, Agora Gallery, New York, USA.

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