Darren Hall

"Art will always be a therapy and has been a wonderful medicine my whole life."

Liberty - Acrylic on paper with brushwork 60 x 85 cm

"Art will always be a therapy. My whole life art has been a wonderful medicine. Since 2012 I have used art as a way of conquering many medical issues following an RTA.  In late 2018 I was told I could no longer work in a normal work environment due to a brain injury. It was then that art became my full-time profession. I have a very loose often naive style using brushes and palette knives. I also like to paint on different materials to give my brain and me a challenge."

Darren Hall is a British artist, primarily self-taught with a unique practice that encompasses a wide range of rural and urban landscapes.

Purple Haze - Acrylic on canvas with brushstrokes 85 x 60 cm
Bus Stop - Acrylic on paper with brushwork 60 x 85 cm
The Shoreline - Acrylic on primed wooden board with brushwork 42 x 30 cm
Expressive Lights & Reflections - Acrylic on canvas 60 x 85 cm

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