David A. Feingold

"My artwork consists of imagery that connects with thoughts and feelings born out of my own lived experience with bipolar disorder. Distinct mood states and fluctuations occur to some degree within all people. This enables my art to reach a varied audience, with different aesthetic preferences."

Jeanette - Digital media Print 28 x 21 in.

American Artist, David Feingold was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1951. Feingold works with digital media and after years of practice and experimentation, he has developed a distinctive painterly technique. His work has been represented and displayed both nationally and internationally in well over 50 art venues. He has presented his art and guest lectured at a number of university and disability conference milieus, regarding the role of art in repairing the "Impaired Self," a concept he developed and coined in his Disability Studies doctoral dissertation. 

Feingold worked for 15 years as a visual designer and 15 years as a social worker, when he had to take early retirement, due to advancing cognitive impairments, stemming from a closed head injury sustained in a hit-and-run accident in his teens. It is this injury that led to his having bipolar disorder and epilepsy. He resides in rural Michigan in a simple dwelling, complete with a wood burning stove and a pond in his backyard. Feingold states that his home provides a perfect environment in which to produce his artwork as well as providing a harmonious balance and stability in light of the many unpredictable challenges associated with his diagnoses of bipolar and seizure disorders.   Feingold's work was chosen to be included in the Linus Art Gallery Exhibit, Gallery 25N Exhibit, Scope Art Show-Miami, Manhattan Arts International Art Exhibit--2nd place, Burning Man Art Exhibit, Alden B Dow Museum of Science and Art, and the subject of a PBS TV Articulate Magazine article which focused on bipolar disorder, creativity and art.

Whirlwind - Digital media Print 30 x 29 in.
Take 5 - Digital media Print 21.5 x 30 in.
Blue Mood - Digital media Print 29 x 28 in.
Fashionista - Digital media Print 23 x 31 in.

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