David Bustos Jr.

"My art explores the idea of breaking boundaries, especially when it comes to representational art. Leaving it up to the viewer to what they see or feel from my artwork, which is an important factor for me whenever I create a new piece of work, allowing true creative freedom to reign free."

Hidden - Drawing 14 x 17 in., $210

David Bustos Jr. was born in Oceanside, California, in 1998, and currently resides and works in Northern California. His art carries profound meaning, aiming to evoke curiosity and introspection within the viewer. He endeavors to create thought-provoking, unique, and captivating experiences through his work. Bustos explores the diverse ways in which human emotions can manifest and be conveyed through various artistic mediums. Additionally, he incorporates his personal experiences into the overarching artistic process, further enriching his creations.

Thinking Too Much - Drawing 16 x 20 in., $380
Untitled No. 9 - Drawing 12 x 12 in., $158
Holding On - Painting 12 x 12 in., $175
Internal Chaos - Drawing 16 x 20 in., $380

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