David Solomita

"Throughout my life, I have had a constant aesthetic revolving around light, color and volume which I use to create unique spaces. The work is an attempt to create environs for people to inhabit upon viewing and experiencing them."

One Step - Photograph, Diasec Print 127 x 127 cm

Throughout his career, David Solomita has retained a strong focus on abstraction and ambiguity within his artworks. His photographs revolve around light, colour, and volume.

David’s unique, geometric and abstract images are intended to be lived in and played with. They are reminiscent of fractal patterns, imbued with refractive colour lines, and utilize skewed frames and differing vanishing points to simultaneously inspire and unsettle. It is David’s intention with the series to surprise visitors as they progress through to each piece, providing a novel sense of experience as they are engaged. The works, which are vibrant and captivating, attempt to create environments that people not only see but experience and inhabit. The artworks seem to reference simple landscape imagery, breaking the flat picture frame’s surface which encases them in a consistent form and surface.

The artwork is void of any digital manipulation. Instead, they are photographic utilisations of three-dimensional sculptural objects which have been furnished from paper, plastic and light. The sculptures are placed atop a table alongside coloured gels, which are then irradiated with softbox illumination. The photographs are taken in high resolution, with a Sony a7R IV, which accommodates printing to any size. They provide a robust and engaging display of colour field theory, are luminescent, and, when viewed in large-scale, favour a certain overall consistency of form and process which breathes emotion into the works.

David continues to expand his practice and his investigation of light and shadow through large-scale Diasec photographic prints.

David Solomita is currently based in San Francisco, and he has been the Principal Training Designer at GENENTECH since 2010. He has taught extensively on design, photography, and media, holding roles in colleges, including Columbia University and the Parsons School of Design. He holds a B.F.A. from Rochester Institute of Technology and M.S., Educational Leadership in the Arts from Bank Street College of Education.

Fortunately - Photograph, Diasec Print 122 x 213 cm
Sea Wall - Photograph, Diasec Print 97 x 127 cm
Rippling - Photograph, Diasec Print 122 x 213 cm
Nascent - Photograph, Diasec Print 84 x 127 cm

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