Dieter Crumbiegel

"Abstraction does not depict reality, but is it self reality."

05/15 - Synthetic resin and oil 100 x 140 cm, €6.400

Painter and ceramic artist, Dieter Crumbiegel studied art (1961-75) at Staatl Hochschule für bildende Künst Kassel, Germany. He studiedd Painting with Prof.Fritz Winter and Ceramics with Walter Popp. Dieter recceived a 1959 Stipendium "Max-Beckmann-Gesellschaft, München" and the same year became a member of "Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes". In 1974 he received the state award in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany and showed his first piecce at Deutsche Keramik der Gegenwart 1975. In 1975 the artist became a member of the International Academy of Ceramic, Genova and he was a professor at Art College for Applied Arts, Krefeld, Germany at the Department Ceramic/Glass-Design (1979-2001). Dieter Crumbiegel led the 1980 workshop "Architecture Ceramic", Int. Ceramic Symposium Cork, Ireland, and in 1982 worked as a supervisor at Helwan-University Giza, Cairo, Egypt. In 1983, he joined the art group "Gruppe 83 - Deutsche Keramiker" and he has exhibited since 1961 in Germany and internationally. Dieter's works belong to private and public collections internationally. Dieter retook an interest and practice in painting in 1984. 

04/21 - Synthetic resin and oil 140 x 100 cm, €6.400
05/22 - Synthetic resin and oil 100 x 70 cm, €3.200
06/21 - Synthetic resin and oil 200 x 140 cm €12.800
06/22 - Synthetic resin and oil 100 x 70 cm, €3.200

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