Dita Jacobovitz

"Most of my landscape paintings are from where I live, my paintings are a result of observation and imagination, can’t decide what comes first. Hope that the viewer will get the same feeling I did when creating them. I prefer open landscape and to be able to see the skyline . I use oil colors mostly.”

New York - Oil on canvas 60 x 90 cm

When I look at the oil paintings I see a landscape, specific parts of the landscape that repeat themselves, an open landscape without construction, an unprocessed landscape, without details with the feeling of space.

The idea for the painting are born even while driving in the car as the landscape passed by,

In the process I try to paint a beautiful landscape painting, trying to understand what beauty is, is it the color harmony or the shapes that resonate or is it the horizontal orientation and the flow that are there.

Lately I've also been trying to understand the unifier and the divisiveness of the "beautiful painting". When the painting stops transmitting the beauty to itself and reveals additional layers.

The painter Uri Reisman is in this process as a source of inspiration.

My motivation to paint comes from the longing for the peace found in this process of creation.

The paintings are in a figurative space with a tendency to abstraction.

The field of action is impressionistic even the very fact that the environment is constant and the hours and seasons change a year. There is no attempt to reflect reality, more an impression through the lens of emotion.”

Complete - Oil on paper 70 x 100 cm
Gold mining - Oil on paper 70 x 100 cm
As simple as it seems - Oil on canvas 90 x 120 cm
One shot - Oil on paper 70 x 90 cm

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