Dottie Korn-Davis

"I am a mixed media abstract artist. I love color, and through color and line, I try to capture the movement and feelings expressed in modern dance. I paint while listening to jazz and blues and that is reflected in the paintings."

Another Dance - Mixed media 30 x 40 in.

Dottie Korn-Davis is an American artist working in mixed media painting, sculpture, assemblage, constructions, and sculptural masks.  She is a world traveler/hiker who is inspired by and gathers unconventional materials for her creations in countries such as Myanmar, India, Pakistan, China, Tunisia, and Spain.

In an introduction to her 1999 solo exhibition at the Earl & Birdie Taylor Library in Pacific Beach, Mark-Elliott Lugo, visual arts coordinator for the San Diego City Libraries, wrote: "Korn-Davis' spectacular canvases, created while listening to jazz, are dizzying explosions of intense color, pattern, and texture. The interlocking shapes she paints suggest glitzy variations of cubism or gaudy jigsaw puzzles."

The mask-like works represent a body of work that is garnering Korn-Davis almost as much attention as her paintings.  They are exceptional examples of the artist’s inventiveness and gift for recycling unconventional materials into works of fine art.”

Jazzed #1 - Mixed media on canvas 72 x 66 in.
Music As Color - Mixed media 37 x 37 in.
Red Hot Blues 'n Shoes - Mixed media on canvas 58 x 60 in.
Bridge # 8 - Mixed media 30 x 40 in.

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