Dressing & Un dressing with my Cats


I chose a cat’s eye view of the human body for this work. I believe cats can teach us a lot about body acceptance. Cat’s instinctively love their bodies. They communicate an air of relaxed, tension-free confidence. They swish their tails in greeting, stretch in a relaxed way to flex their muscles, and contour their bodies and purr to emit emotions of calm and pleasure.
Cats are not concerned with perfection – they celebrate being, they celebrate the joy of life, accepting what they have with pleasure and exuding/emitting a sense of confidence that is contagious. They do not suffer from self-judgmental as do their human owners. They waste no time or effort feeling regret or shame or embarrassment for what they cannot control. They bask in the enjoyment of what God has given them and take pleasure from knowing they are perfect as they are. Our lives would be far more peaceful if we adapted a cat’s sense of acceptance of its own skin.