Edith Jung

"My works are seen as a creative exploration of internal worlds where archaic and yet timeless ciphers of magic, sacred character arise. I developed the technique on my own, the glossy colors have an atmospheric quality that allows one´s gaze to relax, as if looking far into the distance."

Beyond Blue - Mixed media on wood 115 x 85 cm

German Artist, Edith Jung was born in Karlsruhe and studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe. After completing her studies she completed a 6-month-long artist residency at Villa Massimo, Rome which was a significant experience that would greatly inspire Edith career. Her artwork has been exhibited across Germany, in Switzerland, Italy and the United States and is collected internationally.

White Shadow - Mixed media on wood 115 x 85 cm
Legend - Mixed media on wood 120 x 110 cm
In Visible Silence - Mixed media on wood 115 x 85 cm
Eye In The Sky - Mixed media on wood 120 x 110 cm

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