Edyta Dzierż

"Nature stimulates my recognition in painting. By nature, I choose a network of colors, sounds, light and structure, space. I associate real and abstract references in realistic-abstract paintings with a human being entangled in them. Painting is my energy, my thoughts, gestures, traces.”

BEYOND THE HORIZON - Oil and acrylic on canvas 90 x 120 cm

Edyta Dzierż graduated from the Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland. She obtained a Diploma in Painting and minored in Mural Painting in 2004 (fresco, mosaic, sgraffito). She has acquired additional qualifications in sculpture (2000-2002).

The artist is present in the Rzeczpospolita Ranking 'Young Art Compass' in the years 2008, 2010, 2012 and she is the recipient of art awards and distinctions. Edyta has been on the board of the Warsaw Chapter of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers (OW ZPAP, since 2010). She is a member of Artcom Expo International Association of Artists and Partnerships in Norway, since 2021.

Edyta Dzierż co-creates interdisciplinary creative groups: 'Symfonia', 'Art Visual Dance' and the international artistic movement 'Artinterference'. She is also the founder and curator, coordinator of activities group: 'Young at Art' (since 2012) and the international project Eviva l'Arte (since 2015). Edyta is the organizer of interdisciplinary activities of the Power of Art project (since 2019).

Edyta's paintings are presented at individual and collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Initiator, organizer and participant of national and international projects/exhibitions promoting contemporary art, she maintains 'Studio 23' ('Pracownia 23') in Warsaw, in the artistic district Praga. Edyta's practice includes painting, live painting, performance painting-sound-light.

"In painting, references to nature are important to me. By nature, I choose a network of images, sounds, light and space and structure. My paintings are based on strong colours, dynamic lines, layered or flat splashes of colour, rough structure and modified consistency of acrylic and/or oil paint. My art (painting and performance) is a meeting (artists and recipients, man and man), creation, improvisation and dialogue, which subconsciously activates in the audience individual and common senses, emotion and energy. My painting invites viewers to open up to the experience of nature and art."

IMPULSE 2 - Oil on canvas 90 x 120 cm
LAYERS OF COLOR AND LIGHT 61 - Acrylic on canvas 30 x 30 cm
I AM... - Oil and acrylic on canvas 100 x 150 cm
LAYERS OF COLOR AND LIGHT 26 - Acrylic on canvas 45 x 50 cm

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