Eftihia Tournaviti

“My paintings are an endless journey of experimentation through the infinity of colors, materials & techniques. My art is based on realism combined in an abstract way with my emotions.”

My Mother's Heart - Acrylic on canvas 40 x 60 cm

Eftihia Tournaviti was born in 1981, in Thessaloniki, Greece. Having a father in the Greek Army, who is also a civil engineer, and a mother who was both an elementary school teacher and an artist, she grew up and travelled in many cities in Greece and abroad, and her art has been influenced and inspired by different art styles and cultures. In 2002, she graduated from the School of Applied Arts and Culture, Department of Interior/Exterior Design of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Greece.

Between the years 2002- 2004, she worked in the technical company Axon Elliniki Meletόn (Athens), undertaking and managing many technical design projects throughout Greece. From 2004-2011 she apprenticed to painter Panagiotis Moraitis, creating more than 600 works of art. In April 2006, she organized an exhibition in Paris, France. Since then, she has participated in group art exhibitions and has undertaken many decorating and remodeling projects (business spaces and houses). She also collaborates with art galleries in Greece and Italy. Her paintings are in private collections nationally and internationally.

Eftihia currently lives and works in Athens, Greece. Her endless source of inspiration are her three children and the experimentation with various art techniques and materials.

Madrakia, Milos - Oil on canvas 80 x 100 cm
Golden Beach - Oil on canvas 50 x 100 cm
Emersion - Acrylic on canvas 40 x 60 cm
Aegean - Acrylic on canvas and gold leaf 60 x 80 cm

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