Elisabetta Visentini Figurative Artist

“I am a creator of material dreams. Nature is my main inspiring muse.  I use polymer clay, I love it.”

"The beautiful material is the same for everyone. Creating beauty with a modest material is instead of a few.  The beautiful material, then, does not exist. The right material exists. " - Giò Pont

My Eggs - Polymer clay 6 cm each

Italian figurative artist, Elisabetta Visentini lives in Milan and holds a Bachelor's Degree  and a Specialiazed Degree in Product Design from Politecnico of Milano.

"I consider myself a creative hybrid, emerged from the needs of this particular period of our history, a forge of self-production and self-invention initiatives. In fact, I was born as a Product Designer, with a Master's Degree in Product Design at the Polytechnic of Milan, and then discovered an incredible passion for everything that is manual, lasting as a furnishing item or a jewel, but also ephemeral as an advertising scene.

I came into contact with the most diverse product categories, from dog furniture to lighting, from giant mock-ups to microscopic miniatures, from classic furniture to clothing label graphics.

I taught graphics ... and now I teach material modeling with different fine art products ... material innovation and experimentation are a constant part of my artistic life. In short, I could define myself as an artist, characters' designer, modeler of material dreams, designer outside the box ... genetically creative. I love making different types of projects, very often fantasy, going from sweet creatures like fairies or mermaids to terrible orcs. Animals, pieces of art or nice characters.  I like to change subject and type, I like challenges.

I'm looking for a realistic style, creating unique pieces, cured in the smallest detail.  Each piece is unique, in an OOAK, One of a Kind and born from my great passion. I'm married to Davide and I have two wonderful babies, Leonardo 5 years and Alessandro 3 years. They are a great, amazing and incredible inspiration for my work."

Man on the Moon - Polymer clay 25 cm
Porcino - Polymer clay 8 cm
Amanita - Polymer clay 10 cm
One Sad Egg - Polymer clay 9 cm

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