"Through experimental art I like to make reflective propositions taking into consideration social issues; always from a different perspective -- focusing on the efforts that we accomplished to make people feel good."

Birth of an Angel - Mixed media 100 x 80 cm

Cuban Artist, living in Trinidad, Elizagaray studied at Fine Art University with Vladislav Volkov specializing in Plastic Arts (2005) and later worked as a professor in different education centers in his native province. At the same Elizagaray discovered the patterns of his personal poetics whose morphologic formulations have caused him to stand out in contemporary Cuban art. Since 2008 he has worked independently as an artist, actively exhibiting nationally and abroad.

Gentle Look - Mixed media 45 x 30 cm
Repatriad - Mixed media 130 x 90 cm
Selfie - Mixed media 60 x 50 cm
Sigilo - Mixed media 120 x 90 cm

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