Ellen Lee Osterfield

"I'm inspired by the landscape, bird life and natural beauty! I love the everyday beauty, i.e. a cluster of leaves in a pattern on the ground or a bird foraging in the undergrowth! The incredible bonus for me as an artist is being able to share my passion! For me, Drawing + painting = happiness!"

Kookaburra Family, Murray River - Watercolour 56 x 67 cm

"Art for me has been a constant! From the very first time I held a pencil at primary school age, I felt immense joy and satisfaction! Firstly learning the art of oil painting as a teenager, then expanded my knowledge of many other mediums and techniques. Throughout my life, I have always made time to create, even whilst traveling around from the early 1970s to the late 1980s playing music and singing! My extensive travels around Australia have given me a wealth of material to draw from. I love the sights and sounds of the "bush". My goal is always to capture the very essence of my subjects and present them authentically! I enjoy the change of seasons, Autumn here in Australia is breathtaking and provides a wealth of inspiration. I love to tell stories through my art. My desire is that anyone who views or purchases my paintings, will hear the story, feel the atmosphere, and know my very heart as the artist who created it!?"

Coastal Banksia (Banksia Integrifolia) - Mixed media 67 x 56 cm
Galah Gathering, Murray River - Watercolour 56 x 67 cm
Harvest - Watercolour and gouache 56 x 67 cm
Blue Wrens in Pink Lilly Pilly - Watercolour with pen and ink 67 x 56 cm

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