Enmai Jia

"Everything in the universe is waves. Lines are images of waves. When lines are thrown, the artist must give up his thought, let lines become the protagonists. The unique works obtained combine the power of higher spaces. This requires the artist to improve his spiritual height and depth continuously.”

Woman and Man, 2018 - Installation, Single-thread line on canvas 40 x 50 cm

Internationally renowned artist, Enmai Jia's unique practice involves installations, paintings and sculptural works created with a single-thread line. Like a single stroke, the artist creates these pieces spontaneously. This creative style combines Western watercolor techniques with traditional Chinese ink painting.  Enmai uses several threads like a pen and ink to spread out the composition.  In most cases, the picture is done in one go.

In August 2017, Enmai Jia's solo show "The Line Is Talking" took place in Kassel, Germany. Following, in 2018 Enmai participated in Kobe's "Caihua Art Exhibition" in Kobe, Japan and won the award “Outstanding Work”. In 2017 Enmai represented China in the Senlis International Arts Festival in France also receiving a special Award. In 2019 she participated in the Invitational Ocean Art Festival "IOAF 2019" in Korea and in October of 2020, was selected as one of "18 Talented Artists" in the YICCA 20/21 International Contemporary Art Competition organized by the Moho Art Association (Moho Art Association). In November of 2020 Enmai participated in WOPART, Lugano Paper Art Fair, Switzerland.

Proficient in four languages and with an interest in philosophy, Enmai now lives in Shanghai.

Pentium, 2021 - Line and Chinese ink 45 x 65 cm
Mother Love, 2017 - Installation, Single-thread line on paper 38 x 46 cm
Wake up, 2021 - Line and Chinese ink 65 x 90 cm
Portrait of Older Man, 2019 - Installation, Single-wool line on paper 31 x 44 cm

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