Eric Hubbes

In the realm of Eric Hubbes' "muse paintings," emotions seamlessly transform into vibrant canvases, serving as a conduit to forge connections with others through the channels of thoughts, ideas, freedom, and wellbeing. Unbound by the constraints of conventional reality, his creations blur the lines between thoughts and matter, allowing a dynamic interplay to unfold. Each artwork is a singular expression, ensuring a unique and resonant encounter with the viewer.

Parc scenery at the beginning of the pandemic - Acrylic charcoal, edding on canvas 151 x 151 cm €5000

Born in 1988 in London to a French mother and a German father, Eric Hubbes' multicultural upbringing laid the foundation for his artistic journey. His formative years were primarily spent in Frankfurt and Cologne, Germany.

In 2005/2006, he immersed himself in the world of Fine Arts at Glenalmond College in Scotland. Following his German Abitur, Eric took a contemplative hiatus before charting his course. Initially venturing into Geo-science in Münster for three semesters, he eventually discovered his true passion for art. This realization led him to the Art Academy in Utrecht, Netherlands (HKU), where he thrived for three enriching semesters from 2013 to 2015.

Subsequently, Eric Hubbes embarked on a solo artistic journey, returning to Cologne to establish his own studio. Since 2017, his artistic prowess has garnered global recognition through exhibitions held around the world.

Hierophant - Tarot card - Acrylic charcoal edding on canvas 79 x 101 cm €2500
False Pride - Acrylic charcoal edding chalk on canvas 110 x 160 cm €4500
Justice - Tarot card - Acrylic charcoal edding chalk on canvas 79 x 101 cm €2500
View from my atelier in Cologne - Acrylic charcoal edding chalk on canvas 100 x 80 cm €2500

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