Eric Hubbes

"For my pictures, I use a multimedia technique mostly made of acrylic, charcoal, felt pen, and chalk. My paintings can be considered abstract, psychedelic and expressionist with a surreal expression. They arise in a storm of thoughts and emotions that manifest themselves in forms and fractals."

The Tormentor - Acrylic, multimedia 80 x100 cm

Eric Hubbes was born in 1988 in London, UK to a French mother and a German father. He spent his childhood and adolescence mainly in Frankfurt am Main and Cologne, Germany. In 2005, Eric spent a year at the Glenalmond College in Scotland with a focus on fine arts.

"This year was for me the confirmation of my talent and capacities as an artist. After graduating from high school, I still needed some time to make my artistic talents come to life."

Eric went on to spend three successful semesters in Muenster, Westphalia studying Geo-Science, but then dedicated himself entirely to art. Following, he applied to three Art academies in The Netherlands, was accepted in all of them and chose the HKU Art Academy in Utrecht, the Netherlands where he studied from September 2013 to May 2015. Eric then decided to work independently and follow his own artistic path. Upon return to Cologne, where he lives today, Eric Hubbes established his atelier.

Sorrow - Acrylic, multimedia 100 x 80 cm
Number I - Ehrenfeld - Watercolor on A5 paper
My Corner in Ehrenfeld - Acrylic, multimedia 120 x 100 cm
Number IV -Ehrenfeld - Watercolor on A5 paper

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