“Ideas and visions constitute the basis for my abstract two and three-dimensional artworks. Building my abstracted oil panels, I create intricate textures by building with many layers of color beneath the final surface. Optical and haptic impressions are connected with transformations of previous paintings.”

Palabras - Mixed media 70x50 cm

Austrian artist, Renate Polzer aka Erpe was born in 1947 in Bruck a.d.Mur where she worked for twenty years as an independent aritst and cultural events administrator in southern Styria. Polzer has studied Artt History at Karl-Franzens University in Graz.

Erpe started her studies of Painting and Etching at the International Summeracademy of Arts in Salzburg with Gunter Damisch, and at the European Academy of Fine Arts in Trier with M.E.Prigge. Since 2005, when she moved to Vienna she has maintained her studio, ERPE. The artist was invited to exhibitions in museums, galleries and cultural centers in Austria, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Chech Republic, Poland, Italy, France, Spain, Japan, Korea, Argentina, Romania, in Cuba and Seychelles. You can find her artwork in open and private collections and in public spaces worldwide. In 2002, Erpe received the AWARD FOR GRAPHIC ART in Bruck a.d.Mur 2020 and a Gold Medal for services to the Republic of Austria.

Cohiba - Mixed media 70x50 cm
La Habana - Mixed media 70x50 cm
Bodegita - Mixed media 70x50cm
Romeo - Mixed media 70x35 cm

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