Evgenya Severskaya

"I want to express my delight for being and the feeling when you realize that you are, you live. So you can act and manage the part of the world that is adjacent to you, you can increase the beauty of the world, participate in its construction."

Nymphs (detail) - Oil on canvas

“I have painted since childhood for fun. At 15 years old I left school for College and then University. Just after graduating I had a question "What to do". I want to notice that the moments of consciousness were when I heard the lectures of some teachers and adult students, and saw the masterpieces in museums. Also, we had to practice copying museum paintings. But the reason for doing what I do and more importantly my technique, I developed in the recent years. Now I am 25. I paint commissioned pictures and teach people drawing - this is my income, and by this, I help people to realize their dreams, and I like it. I try to create paintings where I can express my feelings of reality and freedom, and share them with others. The same goes for both commissions and my own paintings. The work must be honest. I like to create realistic paintings from life and mystic paintings by fantasy and science. My inspiration is - masterpieces of old masters, contemporary art, and music.”

Arousal - Oil on canvas 130 x 70 cm
The Mouse - Oil on canvas 95 x 70 cm
Oasis - Oil on cardboard 24,5 x 25 cm
Asters - Oil on paper 32 x 55 cm

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