Experimental technique with Burlap


I came across a very interesting fabric Burlap with the very loose weave,
I thought it should be a challenge to paint on a rough texture surface, so I did experiment with different treatment of the cloth, covered it with interesting solution, and became a chemist. It was not simple, but I did not give up.
.After some day dreaming and sleepless nights, finally I was satisfied with the outcome. I did a Still life painting, using Acrylic paint, It has the look of a Pastel with the Cracking effect, and some places, traces of a large brush strokes I find this process very interesting and educational And this is just the beginning of my research and understanding, how you could incorporate different texture in your creative process and learn many wonderful and fascinating way to achieve your visions.
I continue to study the subject and preparing more pieces to further my research of the process and hopefully discover many interesting sides of the subject, .I will be posting new Paintings, as I go alone..