Fine Art by AnnaK

“I am blessed that I live in a country, Australia, with so much natural beauty. I combine this element with a personal evolution in self-awareness with colour and a love of detail as my sources of inspiration.”

Endangered - Female South-Eastern Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo - Acrylic on canvas 76 x 76 cm €3000

Born in Australia in 1962, AnnaK reflects on the unexpected twists of life that led her to embrace a newfound passion for art at the age of 60. Beginning with tentative explorations into drawing in 2019, AnnaK's artistic journey took flight in 2022 when her creative pursuits blossomed into a nightly ritual, expanding to encompass every available moment.

In 2023, AnnaK made the bold decision to pursue art as a full-time career, embracing her identity as an artist with unwavering determination. Rooted in self-acceptance and a lifelong acknowledgment of her artistic essence, AnnaK approaches her craft with humor, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to joy.

Inspired by the breathtaking natural landscapes of her native Australia and fueled by her personal spiritual quest, AnnaK's artwork embodies a vibrant fusion of these influences, underscored by a profound love for color and intricate detail.

AnnaK's artistic journey has taken her beyond national borders, with her works gracing exhibitions in prominent galleries across London, Athens, and Berlin through the esteemed Holy Art Gallery. She has also been featured in exhibitions hosted by The Wild Hearts Gallery in 2023, further cementing her presence in the global art scene.

Beyond her exhibitions, AnnaK's talent extends to illustration, with a curated portfolio for the Australian Society of Authors and contributions as an illustrator for The Association of Illustrators in London, showcasing her versatility and creative depth.

The Light in the Shadow - Truth - Acrylic on canvas 40 x 30 cm €600
Australian Nankeen Kestrel - Watercolour pencil on A3 Watercolour paper 42 x 29 cm €1,000
The Shadow - Dark Knight of the Soul - Acrylic on canvas 46 x 46 cm €1,600
Embrace the Challenge - Bryan 'Choo Choo' Roberts - Acrylic on canvas 71 x 71 cm €2,700

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