Cecilia Flaten's works are inspired by Scandinavian Mythology, the Midnight Sun, the Northern Dawns, the lands of Arctic and Patagonia.The magic and the strength of her Norwegian roots are always present in her spirit and in her mind, obtaining the name of "The Painter of the Magic Lights.”

THE POWER OF LIGHT-Oil on canvas and Lapis lazuli pigment 70 x 100 cm

Cecilia was born in La Reina (Santiago, Chile) in 1950, a key day that marks the beginning of transcendental changes in her country. In the same way her passage though the world has been subject to changes and diverse variants of cyclical nature, all of them linked to the most sublime manifestation of her spirit: Art.

At the age of two, she begins to recreate in her own flesh the history of her mother, who was a prima donna in the National Ballet of Santiago. From age four to 27, dance comes at the epicenter of her focus while simultaneously she maintains sporadic romances with painting, theater, and literature. Flaten’s spirit persists in the search for a more tangible art and retakes her flirt with painting, which is today her main passion. At the beginning of this engagement, things happened in a rather playful and innocent way, all which is completely demonstrated in her naïf works, in which she experiments with techniques and colors that allude directly to her Scandinavian ancestors. Entering into a more mature stage, she works with oil, examples that provides her the stability and the so much yearned pattern of expression, which allows her to become able to represent properly the legends, the myths and the dreams that nest in her mind and her blood. In the last 15 years, Flaten works also with lapis lazuli pigment, the blue stone of Chile.

AURORA BOREALIS IN ALESUND - Oil on canvas and Lapis lazuli pigment 80 x 80 cm
THE WAY TO THE VALHALLA - Oil on canvas and Lapis lazuli pigment 90 x 120 cm
PATAGONIA BOREAL I - Oil on canvas and Lapis lazuli pigment 80 x 80 cm
A NEW APOCALYPSE - Oil on canvas and Lapis lazuli pigment 50 x 70 cm

Flaten holds a Bachelor’s and Teaching Degree in Dance from the University of Chile. Her paintings have received notable awards including the 2006 Medal and Certificate of Excellence Palm Award by Art Domain Gallery in Leipzig, Germany, a 2008 Award of Excellence by Artoteque, London, a 2009 Medal and "Mención Honrosa" Award by Salón de Invierno in Barcelona, a 2010 Palm Art Award of Excellence, Leipzig, Germany, a 2012 Vincent Van Gogh international Art Prize and 2015 Sandro Botticelli Prize.

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