FOTO ARTE Haydee Yordan


AAPPR  Asociación de Artistas Plásticos de Puerto Rico;

 SAATCHI  ART  Online Gallery Artist



-Bachelor in Arts, University of Puerto Rico, Cum Laude;

- Photography Workshops in PR and USA;

-Masters Courses, Center for Advanced Studies of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean;

-Montessori Elementary Education, Centro Internationale Studi Montessoriani, Bergamo, Italy;

-2014 – PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP -Yellowstone National Park,

-2013 - PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP, - Iceland;

-2012- PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP - Karin Rosenthal, Cape Cod, MASS.



--2016—International Photography BIENNIAL; WPGA, Berlin, Germany

--2014—3rd International Photography BIENNIAL; WPGA, Malaga, Spain

--2012—VIII P.R. International Photography BIENNIAL; Juried and Curated, Museum of the  Americas, Puerto Rico

--2010—VII P.R. International Photography BIENNIAL; Juried and Curated; Museum of the Americas, Puerto Rico.



--2017 to present-Only online activity due to diagnosis and treatment of cancer condition;

--2017 “Bravas” Collective Exhibition ,AAPPR;

--2016 Pamil Fine Art Gallery, San Juan, P.R.,

--2016 “Caribeñas” Collective exhibition, AAPPR, San Juan, P.R.,

--2016 “Cuadrados”, AAPPR Collective exhibition, P.R.

--2016 “Parguerarte”, AAPPR Art exhibition and Artisans, Parguera, P.R.

--2015 Pamil Fine Art Gallery, Collective Exhibition, P.R., 2015

--2014 Collective Exhibition, “Irreverente” at Museo Casa Escuté, Carolina, P.R.

-2014 SOLO Photography Exhibition, El Candil, Ponce, P. R.

-2011 Exhibited at CODDI Designers’ Convention

-2010—“Diasporarte” Pamil Fine Art Gallery, Collective Exhibition, Juried and Curated

--2010--Virtukale Arte Gallery, Miami, Florida;

-- 2010--Pamil Fine Art Gallery;  “Aroma del Color” collective exhibition; Juried and Curated,;

-- 2009--Gallery @ Brio; Collective Exhibition;

-- 2009--UPR Law School Photographic Exhibition, Environmental Law Org. , ANDA;

-- 2009 – Fotofest Portfolio Reviewl, Houston, Texas;

- -2009--Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de PR,  P.R. Artistic Photography Society;  Portf. Rev.;     

-- 1990—New York University Gallery, Student Exhibition, N.Y..



--2021—Featured Artist in Circle Foundation for the Arts, Webpage, in progress;

--2020—Published in LENSWORK, “Our Magnificent Planet” Photobook;

--2020—Published in “The Hand Magazine;

--2020—Published in Spotlight Magazine, Vol XVIII;

--2020—Published in Spotlight Magazine, Vol XVI;

(--2017 t0 2020--Diagnosed and treatment of  health condition;)

--2017--Publication project, P.R. School of Medicine, Embriology Manual with biological photography of fetuses, P.R., 2017 in progress… halted;

--2016--Published photographs (13) in literary short stories book “Rastros de sombra en la arena” by  Luis Alejandro Polanco, collaborative work;

--2016—Awarded Second Place, “Rastros de Sombra en la Arena”, collaborative work;

--2015--Published photo book “Borrando Géneros” or “Erasing Gender”;

--2015--IPA “Honorable Mention” AWARD photo book “Borrando Géneros;

- 2015-2016--Participate in TV and radio in P.R. about photo book “Borrando  Géneros”;

--2015-Pollux Award,  WPGA;

--2015--Julia Margaret Cameron  Award,WPGA;

--2014--Published photo in National Geographic Learning, Cengage Learning, Boston, MA.;

--2013--6th Pollux Awards, First Place, Abstract, Professional;

--2013--Grand Prix de la Decouverte, Paris, France, Merit Award for photo “Erasing Gender”;

--2013—Published Photos in Latin American Art Magazine, July;

--2012—B&W COLOR  Magazine AWARD, Silver, Abstract and Metaphor;

--2012--IPA AWARDS, Lucie Awards,  Architecture, Bridges;

--2011--IPA AWARDS, Lucie Awards, Aerials;

--2011--4th Pollux Awards, Abstract, Photographer of the Year;

--2011--B & W + COLOR Magazine, Published, Sept;

--2011-- Analog Press, Literary and Art Magazine; Published;

--2010—Published Photo in National Geographic Traveller Magazine, Jan-Feb edition;

--1987—Nueva Escuela Montessori, School Days photographic project.

--1986-1987--Nueva Escuela Montesssori,  school days photographic project;

--1982--“Mi Escuela es Diferente”,   photo-book,  Colegio Montessori de Puerto Rico;

--1980-1982--CEREP, Centro de Estudios de la Realidad Puertorriqueña; re-photographing and publication of P.R. historic photos.


Private and corporate collectors from, New York, Florida, Spain and Puerto Rico:

--AIG, American Insurance Group acquired 14 photographs for AIG Collection in New York.

--New York collector through SAATCHI ART.

--Madrid, Spain, art collector acquired two photographs.

--AIG, American Insurance Group, acquired four photographs for AIG’s Miami Office collection.

--Manati Urology Medical Office, Art Collector Dr. Saade.

--Ponce Medical Gastro Office Collection.

This review was published by Circle Foundation for the Arts © CFA Press ∙ Images are courtesy of the artist


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