Francien Krieg

“Imagine when society's judgments fade, freeing us from norms on appearance, age, and success. Embrace yourself, just as my art defies societal standards. My raw 'selfies' capture spiritual release and authenticity, celebrating self-love. Through my paintings, I explore aging and our true essence.”

Silent Reverie - Oil on Panel 24 x 34 cm €1250

Francien Krieg is a celebrated Dutch painter known for her empowering and raw depictions of older naked women, challenging conventional beauty standards and breaking the stigma around aging and the female body.

Born in 1973, Krieg lives in the Dutch countryside with her husband and two children, working full-time in her studio. She graduated from the Royal Art Academy in The Hague in 1998 with a degree in Monumental Art, where she began exploring her fascination with the human body through conceptual works like meat installations and rubber human skins.

Her passion for painting was reignited at The Free Academy of The Hague, leading her to create paintings with unusual body perspectives. Her work soon caught the attention of art collectors and galleries, becoming part of notable Dutch art collections, including the ING Collection and the former Scheringa Collection. Gallery Mokum in Amsterdam recognized her talent and initiated a collaboration.

Krieg's career has seen her work exhibited at prestigious art fairs and galleries, including Scope Basel, Realisme Amsterdam, Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, and the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago. She participated in "From Motion to Stillness" in Chicago, "Women Painting Women [R]evolution" in Tennessee, and "Strak Realisme" at Gallery Beinart.

Her accolades include nominations for the Dutch Portrait Award and shortlisting for Figurativas 2017, 2019, and 2020 at the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) in Barcelona. Her work has been featured in publications like Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Realisme Today, Artists on Art, The Guide Artists, Boldbrush, and Poets and Artists.

Krieg’s involvement in exhibitions like "Women Painting Women" and "Painting Today" at MEAM highlights her impact on contemporary art. In 2018, she published a book about her work, solidifying her legacy as an artist who celebrates the beauty and authenticity of aging. Her art defies societal expectations and inspires a deeper appreciation.

Timeless Fighter - Oil on Linen 60 x 80 cm €3600
Petals of Reminiscence - Oil on Linen 120 x 80 cm €3200
Metus Mortis - Oil on Linen 120 x 120 cm €6500
Beyond Absence - Oil on Linen 60 x 80 cm €3200

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