Francine Pauly Art Photography

"A macro lens catches structure, colours and shapes from the organic world (vegetables, fruits, animals...). As I play with colours and light, my photographs are bordering on paintings, sharing my abstract universe."

Onion 07 - Macro photograph

From Belgium, Francine Pauly worked as a Psychotherapist and later followed a more spiritual path engaged closely with art and creativity. Photography and mainly macro-photography became her main means of expression. Since 2012, Pauly has had a few solo and collective exhibitions in Belgium. In 2016 she shared her works at the Amsterdam Affordable Art Fair (AAF) in Amsterdam.

Pomegranate 07 - Macro photograph
River Tamarind's Pod - Macro photograph
Passion Fruit's Pit 04 - Macro photograph
Black Radish 08 - Macro photograph

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