Franco Baldazzi

“Then the magic begins to manifest in unexpected ways. Once you begin to develop your courage, the universal intelligence dances with happiness, because you are finally on your way to getting rid of the lies and becoming what you really are. What you are not dissolves, what you are comes to light!”

OTTANTA PAURA - Acrylic paint 80 x 80 cm

After finishing school, Italian painter, Franco Baldazzi abandoned the practice of painting for some years. The birth of his three children, the discovery of a new role, lead Baldazzi to approach painting with a new spirit. The resumption is a bit difficult to the point of influencing the birth of a "black period", as he says, during which refines his technique opening to a style "dark". This is a brief parenthesis, but it gives life to agitating paintings, confused and swirling compositions, expressions of unease and anxiety. Creative and multifaceted artist, he expresses himself with strong and contrasting colors, using phosphorescent enamels and acrylics. His latest creations have as their subject human figures and landscapes played on anti-naturalistic colors and essential representations. Behind this group of works is hidden research towards the knowledge of the mystery of life and ultimately of the most impalpable and mysterious chords of the human soul. The brush responds only to the language of the soul, translating into lines and shapes with vibrant textures an aesthetic research in which art becomes a mirror of the spirit. The artist succeeds, through painting, to give a soul to his emotional perceptions, to make tangible his fears and his intimate dreamlike visions. The genesis of the work thus becomes a cathartic process of liberation and purification of his moods.

He himself defines the entity of his poetics as follows: "Once I begin a work my spirit, guided and protected by the universal intelligence, whatever it may be, dances with happiness because I am finally on my way to freeing myself from the lie. What I am not dissolved, what I am comes to light. My life, my history, my art between my fingers. This is how our production is described: an analytical research, schematic and unpredictable at the same time, where the color becomes full-bodied and shows itself in bright colors. In search of absolute truths aimed at suggesting further dimensions of space and time."

IL SALVATAGGIO DEGLI INNOCENTI - Acrylic paint 73 x 116 cm
INCUBAZIONE - Acrylic paint 116 x 73 cm
LOVE'S DANCE - Acrylic paint 120 x 160 cm
EQUILIBRIUM - Acrylic paint 116 x 73 cm

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