Franco Margari

"I look for a way to every beyond, every mystery, enigma beyond the boundaries of knowledge, to worlds in which I feel I exist, where bright white calms my thirst for infinity."

TEMPESTA - Mixed media on metallic sheet 65 x 45 cm

Italian Artist, Franco Margari lives and works in Florence. He began his artistic experience in the graphic field in the 80s and specialized in engraving techniques, from the early 90s he also devoted himself to painting.

During this time, he has qualified his exhibiting activity by participating in numerous prestigious collective exhibitions and has set up many solo exhibitions, including at Art Point Black Gallery in 2000 in which he presented his "Horizons" series for the first time. He has solo shows at Puccini Art Center and at the Villa Medicea in Poggio Imperiale and the Diocesan Museum of Florence (2004) with 12 works inspired by the Gospel of John, one of which is present in the Museum's contemporary collection and the one to the Council of the Tuscany Region, where he exhibited 20 works of intense evocative abstract art, one of which is part of the Regional Art Gallery.

Also in 2004, Margari participated in the International Competition in Florence and won the first Golden Florin award for Painting. In 2008 he was present at the Italian art pavilion in Beijing for the Olympic Games, one of his works is part of the CONI collection. In 2010 he began a collaboration with the American gallery Damoka Gallery which led him to do two solo shows in Los Angeles and New York. An important personal exhibition was in 2011 in the prestigious spaces of the Circolo degli Artisti Casa di Dante in Florence on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the unity of Italy.

In 2013, he presented his latest works in the series "Breath of the Elements." In 2016, he showed at the deconsecrated church of Santa Maria dei Laici in Gubbio. The last appearances of his works was in 2016 in Amsterdam - Institute of Italian Culture, in 2017 in Berlin - The Ballery Gallery - and London - ART MOOR HOUSE, 2018 Stockholm SVEA GALLERY. Moscow GALERIA MASTERSKAYA LEGA.

Margari has numerous presences in public and private collections.

INCANDESCENZE - Mixed media on metallic sheet D 80 cm
APPARIZIONE - Mixed media on canvas 100 x 100 cm
L'ATTESA DEL NUOVO GIORNO - Mixed media on metallic sheet D 80 cm
LE PAROLE NON TROVATE - Mixed media on canvas 100 x 70 cm

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