Francoise Bousquet

"Whatever the medium I use, the most important for me is to create an ambiance and produce an emotion."

Lumière Dans La Clairière - Soft pastel 50 x 70 cm

French artist, Francoise Bousquet was born in 1940 in Morroco and today lives in Paris. An engineer and mathematician by profession, Bousquet is a self-taught artist painting for over 3 decades. A few years ago after retiring, Francoise began producing art full time. She has attended workshops and classes and participated in numerous exhibits in the Ile de France metropolitan area including awards. Her main mediums are oil, soft pastels and gouache.

L’Hiver Est Là - Gouache 80 x 60 cm
Les Complices - Oil 25P
Un Sentier Lumineux - Soft pastel 70 x 50 cm
La Balade Des Chiens - Oil 25P

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