Frank X. Smith

"I approach each work as an opportunity to create something new and visually compelling to the viewer. The principles of good design, including repetition of shape and color and occult balance, influence and inform all my work, both my figurative and abstract pieces."

Valor - Acrylic 27 x 34 in. (framed)

"I have devoted my entire professional career to art, working as an illustrator, graphic designer, painter, and art teacher. My paintings are characterized by abstract association, recognizable form, and two-dimensional flat shapes and color with outline. My style is contemporary and highly individual, utilizing both geometric and free-form shapes and often combining both in a single work. From largely figurative, illustrative work characterized by recognizable shapes, over time, my work has become increasingly non-objective."



- Graduate, Philadelphia College of Art (formerly Industrial School of Art, Philadelphia Museum School; now University of the Arts), Philadelphia PA, Illustration Major

- University of the Arts, Philadelphia PA, Computer Graphics: Illustrator, Photo Shop, Quark

Struck It Rich! - Acrylic 27 x 36 in. (framed)
Change - Acrylic 19 x 31 in. (framed)
The Other World - Acrylic 27 x 34 in. (framed)
Eve - Acrylic 30 x 40 in. (framed)

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