Gabriele Gracine

"I work intuitively, enhancing my creativity by allowing my images to take the lead in my process. Each one is an unexpected story communicated initially to me. My art is primarily manifested as a result of the emotional energy generated by a conversation between my inner and external influences."

Out Loud - Digital print on metal - Various sizes available

"I spent the majority of my life believing I had no discernible artistic talent. In an unexpected twist of fate when I was in my mid 60's, I discovered an ability for digital art. I intuitively realized that after a decades-long search, I had finally found my passion. I spent the first 2 years completely immersed in my craft, spending up to 10 hours every day teaching myself all aspects of the digital medium, developing and refining a proprietary process to create my images and exploring my newly found talent. I emerged with the confidence and abilities to present my art to the public. 

I began exhibiting my work for various events near my home in Colorado. In June of 2018, I traveled to New Mexico where my art was accepted for exhibition and sale at a gallery in Madrid, an eclectic artists' community located 25 miles south of Santa Fe. Immersing myself in the creative process has enriched and empowered all aspects of my existence beyond anything I could ever have imagined. I am, what I never knew, I always wanted to artist."

Comfort Zone - Digital print on metal - Various sizes available
Unruly - Digital print on metal - Various sizes available
High Street - Digital print on metal - Various sizes available
Rapport - Digital print on metal - Various sizes available

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