Gabriele Musebrink

“To me, Love is the underlying element in everything.”

The Unseen - Pigments on canvas 20x20 cm

"(...)The material originating directly from nature is inalterably being conserved. It is not sublimed and there is no contamination. The material is not only a means of creation of the artwork itself but represents a part that is intrinsically tied to it. The extraordinary perception of such an abstract work is based on and comes with a feeling of the existence of reality(…)."

- Marzenna Guzowska | Art Critic | Warsaw

Gabriele Musebrink studied art (1975-1983) and worked a graphic and visual artist for German museums and cultural institutions.  In 1993 she began exclusively working as an independent artist. She has worked all over Europe demonstrating her unique technique and style at public art events, teaching seminars and doing exhibitions. An author, Gabriele publishes extensively in art books and on internet platforms.

With exhibits and art fair participations in Europe and abroad she also had a 2016 installation at  the Clinic Ludwigsburg, Space Mirhab, Room of Silence, Ludwigsburg (Germany) and in 2017  an acquisition of two of the works by the Ministry for Culture and Science of North Rhine Westphalia (Germany), Kunsthaus NRW Kornelimünster, Aachen (Germany).

An expression of transformation, morphology in painting, birth and death – the intuitive process painting of Gabriele Musebrink reflects natural life processes and scents out in the process of painting the different kinds of material to be deployed as well as the technique.

Emotions In Grey No.01 - Fresco-limestone, pigments on wood 100x100 cm
Stone Sign No.1 - Fresco-limestone, pigments on canvas 100x180 cm
Norge 16 - Fresco-limestone, pigments on canvas 150x210 cm
Emotions In Grey No.02 - Fresco-limestone, pigments on wood 100x100 cm

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