Gaby Roter

“My art is about nature and how we deal with it in our daily lives. i am never interested in realistic depictions, but in a realization of energy that should touch the viewer. be it the beauty, the vulnerability or the unique power inherent in every little part.”

Acer palmatum - Ink and silver on linen 170 x 90 cm €5200

Gaby Roter, born in 1963 and residing in Germany, embarked on her artistic journey through a study of free painting at SFG Basel under the mentorship of Franz Fédier and furthered her education at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich under the guidance of Helmut Sturm. Her dedication to her craft has been recognized through prestigious accolades, including a scholarship from the city of Lauffenburg (Germany/Switzerland), the Prize of the Public "Wettkampf, Sieg und Niederlage" at the Museum Bernd Rosenheim in Offenbach, and an award from the Art Council of Sweden, resulting in public acquisitions by institutions such as the Technical High School in Stockholm and the Swedish Embassy.

Roter's work has been showcased in solo and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally, spanning renowned venues such as Kunsthaus Grenchen (Switzerland), Markgrafen Museum Müllheim (Germany), and Art Expo Senigallia (Italy), among others. Her art graces public spaces and esteemed collections, including installations at Telekom Hauptpost Basel (Switzerland), Boehringer Ingelheim (France), and the Technical University of Stockholm (Sweden), as well as inclusion in the ARTWORKS global art program of Deutsche Bank.

While her art incorporates realistic elements, Roter's focus transcends mere depiction, delving into the complexities of internal and external dynamics. Her pieces evoke a narrative of struggle and resilience, revealing layers of vulnerability, destruction, and survival mechanisms inherent in nature.

Through her work, Roter endeavors to unveil a deeper understanding of the human condition, inviting viewers to explore beyond the surface and discover the profound interconnectedness between internal processes and external realities.

Jacaranda 1 - Ink and gold on linen, 230 x 170 cm €8000
Old oak - Ink and silver on linen 160 x 160 cm €5600
Jacaranda 2 - Ink and gold on linen 230 x 170 c €8000
Kind of nature - Earth pigment, gold on linen 230 x 170 cm €5000

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