Galina Gocheva

“In my work I focus mainly on figurative painting, using color and form to question and reconstruct the nature of identity. Through my still lifes, painted in natural light, I seek to challenge established notions of identity and engage with ideas beyond what is immediately visible. My work is inspired by London people and life, it is my meditation, a way of interpreting images and telling a story.”

Yellow Sky - 50 x 60 cm
Pig - Watercolor on handmade cotton rag 30 x 40 cm
Yellow Sky - 50 x 60 cm
Spanish Girl - Watercolor on handmade cotton rag 30 x 40 cm

Bulgarian Artist, Galina Gocheva is based in London, UK. She has taken Life Drawing and Human Anatomy courses at the The Art Academy, London and Royal Drawing School, London. She studied Pedagogy of Art at Shumen University Episkop Constantine of Preslav, Bulgaria and holds a Degree from Technical School of the Forestry and Sector, Nikolai Hajtov with Emphasis in Wood Carving.

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