Gao Muyan

"Experimenting with humble materials like pulp and exploring their potential is a slow but playful process. It involves gradually developing a personal relationship with each piece through a dialogue with the material. Starting with a typical shape and gradually transforming it into a character full of uncertainty."

Fake Vases No.18 - Paper, Glue, Color Paint 33 x 32 x 9 cm £570

Gao Muyan, a visionary Chinese artist born in 1991, has established a dynamic presence in the global art scene through a rich tapestry of solo and group exhibitions. Known for his inventive approach and meticulous craftsmanship, Gao's career spans from the bustling streets of Shanghai to prestigious galleries in London and beyond. His solo showcases, such as "Paper Islands" at Zuoyou Gallery and "Urban Confession" at Beijing Yintai Center, reveal a profound exploration of contemporary themes rendered with exquisite detail and artistic flair.

In addition to his compelling solo exhibitions, Gao Muyan has left an indelible mark in numerous international group exhibitions, including appearances at the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall in Guangzhou and the Galerie Francis Barlier in Paris. His artworks, ranging from the ethereal "Fake Vases" to the intricate "Pulpbulb" series, blend innovation with cultural resonance, inviting viewers to contemplate the intersection of tradition and modernity. With a master's degree from Chelsea College of Art and Design and a bachelor's from Glasgow School of Art, Gao merges technical prowess with a deep-seated exploration of identity and societal dynamics. His publications in prestigious magazines and books underscore his influence in shaping contemporary art discourse, making him a pivotal figure in the global art landscape. 

Fake Vases No.5 - Paper, Glue, Color Paint 41 x 34 x 8 cm £670
Fake Vases No.23 - Paper, Glue, Color Paint 43 x 52 x 7 cm £790
Fake Vases No.21 - Paper, Glue, Color Paint 29 x 52 x 9 cm £570
Fake Vases No.16 - Paper, Glue, Color Paint 49 x 22 x 10 cm £670

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